The Garden Project

The Garden Project seeks to fundraise the entire purchase price of the property, $899,000., through a combination of pledged donations and the sale of 99 year leasehold lots. We acknowledge that's a big task, but know that when God and man work together amazing things can happen!  Our contract is contingent upon the approval of the zoning board, and successfully fundraising the purchase price. If the full purchase price is not raised, the contract becomes null and void. We believe it's important to begin the project unencumbered by debt so that financial concerns do not detract from  spiritual objectives. Ongoing costs are estimated to be  $20,000./year - a combination of $3802. for property taxes and $175./mo for heating, homeowner's insurance and miscellaneous costs. The property is in excellent condition and was newly renovated in 2012 so we don't anticipate significant  maintenance costs initially. We plan to cover ongoing expenses by renting the facility for retreats when it is not in use for trainings and sharing any balance among  those who own a lot or reside on the property.

The Financial Plan